Of course not. 🙂 We can prepare the design for you for free, but we would prefer to know as many details that are important to you as possible, i.e. the text/logo, typeface (simple, handwritten, serif, etc.), colours, backboard, size, etc. If you have pictures of the place where the neon/advertising sign is to be placed, send them to us as well (we will prepare a visualization of how it will all fit together in the end). We suggest you send all these details using the quote form, to receive what you need quickly and easily. Make sure you give us your phone number so that we can contact you promptly if we have any questions.

You can use virtually every typeface/font (provided the letters are not too small to bend – the smallest character that can be made is about 5 cm high), but the more complex the font, the higher the price of the neon sign. Neon signs look best when they are made in simple fonts, e.g.: Arial or handwritten, and worst when serif fonts, such as Times New Roman, are used. Remember also that neon tubes are of uniform thickness, therefore fonts that have a variable line width (they narrow and widen) will look completely different as a neon sign. If you want to choose a non-standard font, you can use the website https://www.fontspace.com where you can see online what your future neon sign will look like.

Vector format (CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator) is preferable, but we won’t say no to a JPG or GIF file.

We try to provide a quotation as quickly as possible, but sometimes a small queue is formed. It usually takes us 1-2 working days.


Once the quotation has been accepted and the necessary data has been received, we prepare a contract with all the necessary details of the order and send it to you by e-mail with a graphic design acceptance form attached. As soon as you send back the scans/photos of the signed documents and pay the deposit, we start to process your order.

It all depends on how big and complex the neon/advertising sign is and how heavy our production workload is. Usually, most orders are processed within 10-15 working days.

KAPILAR-REKLAMA is located near Łódź, in the very centre of Poland. Thus, there is the same distance from our company to each location in Poland. We distribute various goods throughout Poland, and sometimes also in other European cities. In other cases, the goods are delivered via specialized courier companies directly to the customer (without transshipment, which increases the risk of damage to fragile neon tubes).


Neon tubes are packed in special cardboard boxes. Each tube is individually secured so that it does not break against the other tubes in the packaging. However, despite the protection provided, they must be handled with maximum care.

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