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The colour palette shows different types of neon tubes used by KAPILAR-REKLAMA. The samples are divided into transparent glass (colourless when switched off) – SERIES 100, transparent glass with phosphor (white when switched off) – SERIES 300 and 500 and body-tinted glass (coloured when switched off) – SERIES 400. The palette allows you to switch on/off colour samples (single ones and entire colour chart) so that you can check how a given neon sign colour looks during the day and at night. Each colour is identified by a three-digit number. If there are several numbers for the same sample, it means that the colours listed are so similar that they are identified by the same colour on the palette.

All color switch

Main colours

339 / 343 / 351 / 371

342 / 377 / 395

349 / 374 / 388

454 / 478

Extra colours

467 / 479


The colours shown are similar to the actual colours of the glass and the neon light. However, due to the different quality of the screens (calibration), they cannot be considered as reference colours!



KAPILAR-REKLAMA is a company operating since 1981. We design, manufacture and install classic neon signs and other illuminated advertising signs in Poland and Europe. We carry out complex, large and small projects for both commercial and personal purposes. We work with artists and perform restoration of old neon signs.


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